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* As per IQVIA Retail Audit Data MAT March 2023

Give your mind, body, and heart the ultimate experience with the most exciting range of premium, vegan, flavoured condoms. Made for those who dare to go beyond boundaries, beyond the basic. Your Epic intimacy journey starts here. So, buckle up!

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Epic Lube
We've got a brand-new partner that's just your vibe!
  • Water Based
  • Strawberry Flavour
Break free with epic intimacy
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Set up play time with the ultimate lube in Epic strawberry flavour
Pick out the Epic ammo that best suits the mood
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Make sure you’re both comfortable and slip Epic on for an incredible ride!
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EPIC Long lasting condoms
Long Lasting
EPIC Super Thin Condoms
Super Thin
EPIC Extra Dotted Condoms
Extra Dotted
EPIC Enhanced Dots condoms
Enhanced Dots
What makes Epic the epic choice?
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    Vegan Intimacy

    EPIC Condoms are 100% plant based to offer all the feels minus the guilt. Keep it healthy, in and out.

  • vegan-icon vegan-icon
    Cruelty Free

    The making of EPIC condoms does not involve any animal testing. Cheers to guilt free love making!

  • vegan-icon vegan-icon
    Low Microbial Load

    EPIC condoms come with very low microbial load, which means lowered risk of irritation and infections.

  • vegan-icon vegan-icon
    Safe Condoms

    EPIC condoms are certified by ISO, making it the gold standard in safety and quality so you can have an Epic time without worry.

  • vegan-icon vegan-icon
    Non-Toxic Nitrosamine Free

    Epic condoms are Epically safe because they are free of Nitrosamine – an ingredient that is known to be carcinogenic in nature.

  • vegan-icon vegan-icon
    No Harsh Chemicals

    Every EPIC condom is free of harsh chemicals like glycerin & parabens that can cause infection & irritation. Now that’s Epic!

The 101 on how to#MakeItEpic
  • Long-Lasting Condom for Men: For Delayed Climax and Prolonged Pleasure
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    Long-Lasting Condom for Men: For Delayed Climax and Prolonged Pleasure

    A few extra-long, passionate minutes of intimacy can really spice up your sex life! To experience a greater pleasure for a longer period...

  • All you need to know about condoms available in India
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    All you need to know about condoms available in India

    Have you ever been in the situation of going to a pharmacy to get a condom but having trouble deciding which condom to choose...

  • How to use men's condom?
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    How to use men's condom?

    Surprisingly, most of the time, people possess theoretical knowledge, but when it comes to practical application, they frequently make mistakes...

  • How are latex condoms different from non-latex condoms?
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    How are latex condoms different from non-latex condoms?

    All of us have a basic understanding of what goes into the making of a condom. Let’s understand a little more about the distinction between the two types of condoms that are prevalent in the market...

  • Reasons Why Condoms have flavours
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    Reasons Why Condoms have flavours

    The trendy, modern approach to making sexual experiences more exciting and pleasurable is to use flavoured condoms. But the question of why condoms even need to have flavours added persists.

  • What are the ‘Epic Love Languages’?
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    What are the ‘Epic Love Languages’?

    This is not a psych-analysis pep talk. We are a condom brand and we are here to talk about the other crucial component of a healthy relationship, expressing love...

  • Facts that will make you switch to vegan condoms
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    Facts that will make you switch to vegan condoms

    Using condoms during sexual intercourse is essential due to various reasons – they are safe barrier contraceptives and guard against STIs and unintended pregnancy...

  • Ultra-Thin Condom Feels Like You're Wearing Nothing
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    Ultra-Thin Condom Feels Like You're Wearing Nothing

    Condoms are effective at preventing unwanted infections and pregnancy, and yet they never stand in the way of passionate intimacy. But if you are someone...

  • How does a Dotted Condom Give more Pleasure to Your Partner?
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    How does a Dotted Condom Give more Pleasure to Your Partner?

    Condoms are one of the most reliable contraceptives, which protect you and your partner from STIs. However, there is much more to them than just protection...

  • Get your facts about condoms right
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    Get your facts about condoms right

    If you have landed in this space, the word "condom" is certainly not unfamiliar to you. However, we're sure there are still a lot more interesting facts about condoms...

Have any questions?
  • Can a condom provide protection from STDs and STIs?
    A condom is known to be one of the most effective ways of preventing HIV and other STDs as well.
  • Which is the perfect condom size?
    The epic one is the one that feels snug when you wear it. You know it’s the one when it doesn’t move on touch neither does it make the penis stiff.
  • Can I reuse a Condom?
    It is not advisable to reuse a disposable condom as it diminishes the protective effect and leads to breakage, slippage or leakage. Condoms are meant for single use only.
  • Are Epic condoms available in different sizes?
    Epic condoms are available in a single standard size of 180mm length x width 53 mm +/- 2mm.
  • What is the right way of using a condom?
    Nothing makes us happier than a sensible question like this. Kudos to you for not condom plating. Here’s what you need to do: For the P:

    1) Put it on, once you are hard.

    2) Pinch the condom’s tip to leave some space for it to catch the semen and unroll it all the way to the end of the shaft.

    3) Once done, hold the condom’s rim & pull out while you are still hard, to avoid spilling.

    PS: Biting and scratching the condom will lead to breakage.

  • Does size matter?
    Size doesn’t matter when both of you work as a team. You can get the best of orgasms, if you know what and how to do. So, what if you are not genetically blessed? Make up for the size with stamina and sexpertise. Let there be “oohs” and “aahs”, regardless of the size.
  • Is condom lubricant harmful?
    Usage of lubricants has not caused any reported side effects. It instead helps make the penetration smooth and prevents breakage.
  • Do condom expiration dates matter?
    Yes, it does! Do not use expired condoms as they have an increased risk of breaking down and becoming less effective.
  • Is it safe to use condoms during pregnancy?
    Before engaging in sexual activity during pregnancy or using the barrier, partners should speak with a gyneacologist.
  • Are flavoured condoms safe to use?
    Our flavoured condoms are made with premium rubber latex and are electronically tested for safety.
  • Is wearing 2 condoms safer?
    Wearing two condoms increases friction and can weaken them. Due to this, they are more likely to fail or break.
  • Do vegan condoms have latex?
    Our vegan condoms are made with high-quality latex that ensures higher degrees of sensitivity and intimacy.
  • What are vegan condoms made out of?
    They are made of natural latex rubber.
  • Do condoms have nitrosamines?
    Our condoms do not contain nitrosamines and are made with natural latex rubber.
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