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Ultra-Thin Condom - Feels Like You're Wearing Nothing

ribbed male condom
EPIC thin condoms

Ever feel felt like a condom plays down the ‘real feeling’ of sex?

Condoms are effective at preventing unwanted infections and pregnancy, and yet they never stand in the way of passionate intimacy. But if you are someone who thinks that regular condoms do not let you enjoy sex to the fullest as they are thick and smell unpleasant, then you better read on.

Every man wants to enjoy an intense, passionate intimate experience, and a condom—especially a super-thin condom—can truly shift the dynamic. In the paragraphs that follow, we'll go into much more detail about what super-thin condoms feel like and how they might enhance the whole experience with your partner.

But before we do that, let’s brush up on your knowledge about the types of male condoms. When it comes to male condoms, there is a huge range to explore. Amongst them, here are the most common types of condoms that men usually prefer to use!

Types Of Male Condoms
ribbed male condom
EPIC Condoms

Thick Condoms: These are comparatively thicker than the average condoms. They are around 0.1 mm thick , which is thrice as thick as normal condoms

Latex Condoms: Well, these are the most accessible and affordable condoms. Latex condoms are made up of organic rubber. When worn properly, they can successfully prevent STIs and pregnancies. However, some people might be allergic to Latex condoms; if the issues persist, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Textured/Dotted Condoms:

These types of condoms come in ribbed and dotted varieties to offer elevated sensation for the woman. Nothing beats the Manforce Epic Dotted Fruit Punch Condoms! These condoms are designed to increase intimacy between you and your partner by offering enhanced stimulation and sensitivity with its 1800 Square Dots.

Thin Condoms:

Thin condoms are around 0.01-0.05 mm thinner as compared to normal condoms, thus providing better touch and sensation during intimacy. These condoms are unlikely to break during sexual intercourse as compared to other condoms.

Super Thin Condoms:

Thin condoms usually have a thickness below 0.08 mm and on the other hand, super-thin condoms can go even as thin as 0.05mm or below. If you are looking for the perfect condom to give you and your partner a high sensual feeling during sex, go for super thin condoms! Super Thin condoms help in enhancing sexual pleasure in the best way. They provide more sensation and pleasure during sexual intercourse.

What Makes
Super Thin Condoms Different?
ribbed male condom
extra thin condoms

While all types of condoms serve the same purpose, lovemaking can be more sensual, depending on its thickness. Super thin condoms can be a game-changer, allowing two people to enjoy an enhanced feeling that is as close to the real deal.

Enhanced Sensation & Perfect Natural Feel

Super thin condoms like the Manforce Epic Desire Super Thin Condoms are meant to offer higher sensitivity. If you want closer and more passionate sexual encounters with your partner, these condoms are just right for you.

Thinness That Matters

With a girth of 53 mm +/-2mm and a length of 180 mm, the Manforce Epic Desire Super Thin Condoms offer comfortable wear. They come with the thinness of 0.05 that makes the man feel as if he is wearing nothing, eventually offering an exceptionally sensual and passionate lovemaking experience.

Why Manforce Epic Desire
Super Thin Condoms?
ribbed male condom
Epic Desire Thin Condoms

If you want to spice up your lovemaking and intensify the passion, then the Manforce Epic Desire Super Thin Condoms are a must-try. These condoms provide protection but with a completely natural feel and it is so thin that it practically feels like you’re wearing nothing.

Manforce Epic Desire Super Thin Condoms are 100% electronically tested. With technologically superior quality standards, the condoms offer reliable protection and let you explore your wild side. Super thin condoms bring back the intense desire for making love in a natural, extra-intense way. It is India’s No. 1 condom, made with superior-quality natural rubber latex, and features a better fit and sensational experience. It’s time you take your lovemaking a notch up.

Do Super Thin
Condoms Feel Good?
ribbed male condom
thin feel condoms

Do Super Thin Condoms Feel Good?

Absolutely! They’re worth each penny! Manforce Epic Desire super thin condoms are specially designed to be as thin as possible These condoms are delicately made to give you that ‘nothing-in-between’ feeling with your partner. The cherry on top is that these condoms come with a sensual silk chocolate flavour makes things even more exciting.

Available in packs of 3s and 10s, Epic Desire super thin condoms take you closer to your partner by heightening your sexual stimulation. One of the best features of super thin condoms is that it is super smooth as the condoms come with a lubricated coating. These super thin condoms also come with a disposable pouch for easy wrapping and disposal after usage.

Can A Super
SLIM Condom Break?
ribbed male condom
ultra thin condoms

We understand your concern and it is always advisable to wear a condom as per the instruction to ensure the best protection. The Manforce Epic Desire super thin condoms are extremely thin but equally durable and as strong as conventional condoms. They are 100% electronically tested, to provide safety and the greatest lovemaking experience.

ribbed male condom
thin condoms

Explore your wild side by using super thin condoms. They are the best choice if you want to drive up the pleasure quotient with your partner. They do not break easily, and you can have the most satisfying sexual experience using them.

You can try the Manforce Epic Desire super thin condoms to feel the natural touch and get closer to your partner. The chocolate silk flavour of these super thin condoms makes them extra delectable. So, what are you waiting for? Let the super thin “in”!

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