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Extra dotted condoms for men by EPIC
fruit condoms
fruit flavour condom
condom fruit flavour
fruit condom flavors
fruit flavour condom
condom fruit flavour
fruit condom
Extra passion
for someone extra special

Uncover The Fruity Punch of Extra Dotted Condoms

  • Long Lasting
  • Extra Dotted
  • Superthin
  • Enhanced Dots
condom fruit flavour
Epic things for those who go theextra mile

Spark that passion by doing a little something extra for your partner. Presenting Epic Extra Dotted condoms in fruit punch flavour, to help you peak into Epic, passionate pleasure that you only hear about.

fruit flavour condom
orange fruit condom orange fruit condom
EPIC fruity punch flavour condom
EPIC fruity flavour condom
EPIC fruit punch condom
Passion that burns bright.That’s Epic love.

1800 riveting extra dots to make her feel passion at a whole new level. Every move you
make will ensure a ride that’ll have you both closer, deeper, and epically connected.

Wrap yourself in deliciousness!
Love that packs afruity flavour.

Epic Extra Dotted condoms come in the Epic fruit punch flavour, so you both end up with a delightful treat while you explore each other. Shed your inhibitions with a fruity flavour that is set to redefine passionate lovemaking.

Go EXTRA for your special one!
  • Condom size
    Better fit
  • condom fit
    Girth (52mm+/-2mm)
  • Safe condoms
    Safe & reliable
  • tested condom
    100% electronically tested
  • latex condoms
    Lubricated natural rubber latex condoms
Experience extra passionate love
What makes Epic the epic choice?
  • vegan-icon vegan-icon
    Cruelty Free

    The making of EPIC condoms does not involve any animal testing. Cheers to guilt free love making!

  • vegan-icon vegan-icon
    Low Microbial Load

    EPIC condoms come with very low microbial load, which means lowered risk of irritation and infections.

  • vegan-icon vegan-icon
    No Harsh Chemicals

    Every EPIC condom is free of harsh chemicals like glycerin & parabens that can cause infection & irritation. Now that’s Epic!

  • vegan-icon vegan-icon
    Non-Toxic Nitrosamine Free

    Epic condoms are Epically safe because they are free of Nitrosamine – an ingredient that is known to be carcinogenic in nature.

  • vegan-icon vegan-icon
    Safe Condoms

    EPIC condoms are certified by ISO, making it the gold standard in safety and quality so you can have an Epic time without worry.

  • vegan-icon vegan-icon
    Vegan Intimacy

    EPIC Condoms are 100% plant based to offer all the feels minus the guilt. Keep it healthy, in and out.

fruit condom EPIC fruit condom
Experience Extra Epic tonight