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safely use a condom how to use mens condom

Knowing condoms and knowing how to use male condoms are two very different things.

Surprisingly, most of the time, people possess theoretical knowledge, but when it comes to practical application, they frequently make mistakes.

Men can't fully enjoy sex when men's condoms are used or handled improperly, and as a result, they can't effectively prevent STDs, STIs, or unintended pregnancy. This blog includes a few simple directions on how to safely use a condom.



Always check the expiry date

Here’s the first step to learning how to use a condom. Making sure a condom is still viable is the first step in using one properly. Before you open the condom packet, make sure to verify the expiration date. Take care to evaluate the packaging's quality as well.

Regardless of its expiration date, discard it if you see a rip or hole or if it exhibits any other marks or damage. The latex degrades in condoms that are mishandled or that are too old. This raises the possibility that the condom won't be as efficient at preventing pregnancy and STDs.

use mens condom



Check the air bubble

Checking the air bubble in a condom packet is another way to assess its quality. Condoms are specifically shielded from breakage by an air bubble.

The condom should be intact because there are no holes in the packaging. Gently squeezing the packet between your thumb and first finger is the quickest and most effective approach to looking for the bubble.

air bubble in a condom



Carefully open the package to avoid damage to the condom

Want to know how to prevent condoms from breaking? Condoms are packaged in foil packs that are much simpler to open, but it's still necessary to exercise caution. Wash your hands first. This is crucial since you’ll be touching your partner or yourself sexually before having sex.

Then, carefully rip open the package along the corner or edge. You risk ripping or tearing he condom along with the wrapper if you use your fingernails, scissors, or any other sharp object.

how to prevent condoms from breaking



Check the condom size properly

To use the condom perfectly, check the side of the condom that you should place on your penis by holding the condom upright. The rim ought to roll up on the outside instead of being tucked under. If necessary, you can slightly unroll the condom to check for this. This shouldn't require you to insert your fingers inside the condom.

If you can roll the condom over the penis with ease, you are on the right track. Discard the condom and start with a new one if you mistakenly put it on inside out.

side of the condom



Wear the condom by unrolling it all the way

Once the condom is in place, spread it so the entire penis length is covered. By doing this, you'll help lower the chance of contracting sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis. Efficacy of the condom can be compromised if partially wrapped.

The condom is too tiny if it feels tight or if it does not completely cover the penis length. Using a condom that is too big or small increases the chances that it could tear or slip.

how to wear a condom



Remove the trapped air if present

There is air inside the condom if the tip feels like an inflated balloon. The condom can be more prone to rupture during intercourse if it is left there.

Place your hands around the penis to release the air, then softly smooth the condom from top to bottom. Sometimes, lubricant placed in the condom's tip prior to insertion can help avoid it.

how to use condom for men



Remove the condom from the base after use

Condoms should be carefully removed after ejaculation to prevent the penis from becoming less erect. Hold on to the base of the condom while the penis is pulled from the vagina, anus, or mouth to retain the ejaculate within.

If the condom comes off in your partner, twist the condom's open end closed before taking it out. It's possible that the condom will slip off or spill if this is not done.

how to remove condom



Throw it away

Condoms ought to be disposed of in the garbage, not in the toilet to prevent clogging pipes.

To avoid leakage and mess, it's a good idea to wrap the condom in tissue or toilet paper or the condom disposal pouch that comes with the pack. Responsible disposal is key for you and others.

disposing condoms
safely use a dotted condom use of condoms

The use of condoms is an effective method of birth control and a simple approach to preventing infections. They must be used appropriately, though, for them to function successfully.

Always remember to gently open it after carefully checking the box and expiration date. Remember to leave space for ejaculation when putting it on and spread it with the right side out. When withdrawing from your partner, keep the condom in place and dispose of it in the trash afterward.

Hope you found these simple steps useful.

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