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All you need to know about
condoms available in India

full dotted condom Types of condom

Have you ever been in the situation of going to a pharmacy to get a condom but having trouble deciding which condom to choose? Buying a perfect condom can be difficult given the huge variety of condoms on the market today, don't you think?

But no more confusion as we have brought a comprehensive explanation of various male condom available in India to help you pick the right type and size of male condom.

How many types
of condoms are there?
full dotted condom condom types

Latex & Non-Latex Condom
Latex condoms are the most popular kind. They have a decent stretch and prevent pregnancy. They come in a variety of hues, textures, tastes, shapes, and sizes. There is a range of 85% to 98.5% effectiveness for latex condoms.

There are non-latex condoms in the market if you or your female partner are allergic to latex. The natural rubber material - polyisoprene, which is thin, is used to make non-latex condoms. Along with preventing sperm, it aids in blocking viruses.

Textured condoms

Textured condoms

Condoms with texture are excellent for boosting stimulation and pleasure. To increase the sensation of sex, ribbed condoms feature a few raised grooves all around them. Dotted condoms contain raised dots on the outside that have been particularly developed to create thrill and sensation where you want it. Condoms with texture improve intimacy and sexual gratification.

Spermicidal condoms

Spermicidal fluids are applied to some condoms, helping to destroy sperm and avoid unwanted pregnancy. According to the WHO, spermicidal-coated and uncoated condoms are equally effective as contraceptives. This might be because there is less spermicide on spermicidal contraceptives than there would be if spermicide were used normally. This spermicidal lubricant is allergic to most males.

Spermicidal condoms
Lambskin condoms

Lambskin condoms

Condoms made of lambskin are frequently referred to as "natural skin condoms." The skin of a lamb was typically used to make these condoms. Many men find the amount of sensitivity that lambskin condoms offer to be alluring, even though they are not the safest option to use. The market still carries these condoms.

Tickler condoms

As their name suggests, tickler condoms generate a tickling sensation in the vagina, which helps to arouse the woman. Tickler condoms come in a variety of designs and are either made of soft jelly or contain a soft rubber tickler point.

Tickler condoms
Glow in the dark male condoms

Glow-in-the-dark male condoms

This condom is made of three layers: latex on the inside and outside, and phosphorous pigment in the middle, which glows in the dark. Condoms that glow in the dark are thicker than traditional condoms. They contain completely harmless phosphorous components, which are also beneficial for prolonged passionate encounters.

Which type of condoms
give more pleasure
full dotted condom EPIC condoms

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EPIC extra dotted condom


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EPIC enhanced dotted condoms


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EPIC lasting dotted condoms


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EPIC thin dotted condoms
Things to consider before
choosing a condom
full dotted condom EPIC Long lasting condom

Long-lasting condoms designed for prolonged enjoyment and premature ejaculation are thicker than conventional condoms and can lessen the risk of overstimulation. By enabling numbing, long-lasting condoms delay ejaculation, lengthen intercourse, and extend excitement.

The lubricant used to line long-lasting condoms includes an active substance, such as benzocaine. This functions as a local anaesthetic and desensitizes the penis just enough to prevent overstimulation.

size of condoms

Size Matters:

To be comfortable, the condom must have the right size and shape for the penis. While a condom that is too tiny may be uncomfortable, a condom that is too big may result in issues like sliding.

Material of the condom

Material of the condom:

Nowadays, latex, a natural material, or synthetic materials like polyurethane or polyisoprene can be used to make condoms. The likelihood of unwanted pregnancy and STDs is decreased by all three of these products.

condoms for sensitive skin


In a situation where you have a latex allergy, choose condoms for sensitive skin. In these circumstances, condoms made of synthetic materials are a better option. Only water-based lubricants should be used with latex condoms. Avoid using petroleum jelly or other lubricants that include oil.

lubricated condoms

Lubrication Type:

Most consumers select lubricated condoms. Additionally, some condoms contain a spermicide in the lubricant. The vaginal or rectal lining may get irritated by spermicides, which could increase the risk of infection.

silk condom


Producers of condoms use their inventiveness to cater to the diverse interests of their customers. To the delight of the customers, certain traits, or components (for example, colours or flavours) may improve the experience. Others like a simple formula without the bells and whistles.

full dotted condom condoms available in India

So, we hope that the next time when you want to buy a condom, you end up choosing the perfect one without getting confused about which condom to pick.

Today, there is a huge range of condoms available in India, ncluding latex and non-latex, textured, dotted, flavoured, and super-thin condoms, giving one the choice to choose the condom of their preference.

However, there are other concerns one should keep in mind when buying a condom, including the condom's material, any allergies, the size of the penis, and others.

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