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How does a Dotted Condom Give more Pleasure to Your Partner?
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Condoms are one of the most reliable contraceptives, which protect you and your partner from STIs. However, there is much more to them than just protection. If you are bored of the monotony of using plain and regular condoms, then dotted condoms are a great way to rekindle the passion of lovemaking. They offer extra stimulation to provide your partner greater pleasure.

Read on to find out why dotted condoms are sure to give more sensation during sexual intercourse. We have covered the most common types of dotted condoms that you can try to enhance sexual pleasure. Further, do not miss out on learning how to choose the perfect dotted condom for an intense epic session with your partner.

What is a Dotted Condom?
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Dotted condoms are no different from conventional condoms when it comes to using them as a contraceptive. However, what makes these different is their dotted texture. The dotted male condoms are designed to create extra friction, providing heightened pleasure to you and your partner.

Types of Dotted Condoms
condom with dots types of dotted condoms

Dotted condoms are available with varying textures and even flavours. In addition, you can explore the different dotted condom types to add more excitement.

1. Plain Dots
Plain dotted condoms are fully dotted condoms with small dots. These condoms are mostly flavoured and ergonomically designed for a perfect fit.

2. Enhanced Dots If you want something more stimulating for your partner, condoms with enhanced dots are great. Enhanced dotted condoms like the Manforce Epic Enhanced Dotted Male Condoms, come with bigger and raised dots. There are 396 dots to elevate your experience and increase the sensation during intercourse. In addition, these condoms are available in delicious Belgian Chocolate flavour.

Epic condoms are made with high-grade natural latex and are 100% electronically tested. Therefore, these condoms are highly safe to use, furthermore, the condoms come with extra lubrication for smoother penetration, preventing discomfort and low risk of tearing of the condom due to friction.

3. Extra Dots Extra dotted condoms like the Manforce Epic Passion Extra Dotted Premium Male Condoms are designed to provide intense sensation to both partners during sexual intimacy. With 1800 Square Dots the condoms improve intimacy by providing more pleasure and sensitivity. They are available in flavours like fruit punch. The latex extra-dotted condoms are pre-lubricated for easier penetration. Moreover, they are safe and tested to prevent tearing.

Why use Dotted Condoms
condom with dots dotted condom for pleasure

Fully dotted condoms can make lovemaking an exhilarating and highly sensual experience for both partners. Here are some compelling reasons why using a dotted condom can be a great choice.

Higher Stimulation: Condoms are one of the best ways of preventing STIs. However, many may be apprehensive about the reduced stimulation for the female and pleasure due to the physical barrier between skin-to-skin contact. Textured condoms, like fully dotted condoms, can protect against STIs without reducing physical sensation and stimulation.

Better Arousal: The dotted texture of the condom can provide elevates the experience of love making.

New Experience:Plain undotted condoms can get mundane and boring. Switching to a dotted male condom can bring back a new level of excitement to lovemaking and provide a thrilling experience.

Greater Intimacy and Trust: The key to building intimacy and trust with your partner is ensuring that you both have an equally satisfying experience. Fully dotted condoms are designed specifically to ensure satisfaction for both partners.

Safe: Manforce Epic Condoms are premium and made only with scientifically tested and safe materials like high-quality natural rubber latex. Dots are a sequence of small, circular bumps that cover the condom's surface and boost stimulation while remaining soft enough to prevent genital chafing or discomfort.

Variety: Dotted condoms are available in a wide range of flavours, like chocolate and fruit punch, for a better experience. In addition, there are different condoms with varying dot counts and shapes. While some may have plain round dots, there are those with unique shapes like square dots.

How to Choose a Dotted Condoms
condom with dots how to choose dotted condom

Having explored the type and advantages of full-dotted condoms, it’s also essential for you to know how to choose the best-dotted condom. Here are some things to remember while picking up a dotted condom:

Brand Reputation and Quality Standards: It is essential to pick only the best quality condom when it comes to your most intimate moments. Choose dotted male condoms from a brand that complies with quality standards that ensure safety. Brands like Manforce Epic Condoms produce ISO-certified premium range condoms.

Flavoured vs Unflavoured: Dotted male condoms are available in flavoured and unflavoured varieties. While unflavoured condoms are considered good enough, flavoured condoms can provide a better experience. In addition, flavoured condoms often mask the smell and taste of latex, making them much preferable. Depending on your and your partner’s preference, you can pick from our range of flavoured condoms.

Comfort: Each variety of dotted male condoms can provide a unique sensation. For example, fully dotted condoms with bigger and enhanced dots elevate the sensation

Size: Most fully dotted condoms are designed to fit a 52mm girth. However, there are other sizes available. Therefore, pick a dotted male condom that can fit you well.

What Did You Get to Know?
condom with dots EPIC range of dotted condoms

Fully dotted condoms are a great way of reigniting the spark in your intimate life and making things more exciting and fun for your partner without compromising safety.

Manforce Epic Condoms have a wide range of dotted male condoms to explore. Each product is designed carefully to ensure absolute satisfaction for both partners. Moreover, experimenting with new things can often lead to a more pleasurable experience. So, go for a heavenly and long-lasting sexual experience with enhanced dotted condoms!

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